When Using A Drug Becomes Abusing A Drug

The point at which recreational drug use crosses into drug abuse is incredibly difficult to determine. Because of this individuals who use drugs recreationally often don’t realize when they have overstepped the mark and friends and family can never be too sure when they need to offer their help to a loved one. This is a real problem as it often means that individuals abusing drugs are left to their own devices for far too long, allowing the drug problem to get worse and worse. This results in greater damage being done to their health and when the time for recover finally comes around, getting over the drug problem is a lot more difficult and takes much longer than if it had been addressed sooner.


This article will provide you with a simple checklist, allowing you to spot when recreational use has become drug abuse. This will allow you to react much quicker to your own drug problem or a drug problem in a friend or family member meaning that the process of recovery can begin much sooner and is likely to be a lot more successful.

How Much Is Being Taken?

No matter what the drug is, it is easy to determine whether it is being abused by the quantity that is being taken. If a large amount of a drug is being consumed by a person you can be pretty certain that it is being abused. For example if someone is consuming lots of alcohol, it constitutes as abuse. The same goes for cocaine, if you see someone sniffing large amounts of it they are abusing it. However, what constitutes as ‘a lot’ is rather subjective. Therefore you need to make sure you have a well informed idea of what amount of a particular drug is seen as too much. A good idea is to check with others to see if you are in agreement or not.

When Is It Being Taken?

Recreational drug use is when a drug is used to enhance a leisure experience. The most common being going out on a night out clubbing. However, recreational drug use can apply to many other situations such as parties and social gatherings. If you, a friend or family member are using drugs for no particular occasion just for the sake of using a drug, then the chances are it is being abused. This is because the drug is no longer being taken to enhance a leisure experience.

How Often Is It Being Taken?

If a drug is being taken very frequently it is a clear sign that it is being abused. This is because it indicates that taking the drug has become a habit and that tolerance to it is increasing. If a tolerance to a drug has built up then it is safe to assume that casual drug use has turned into drug abuse. However, like quantity, frequency is seen to be highly subjective. Always make sure you do your research to determine when a particular drug is being used too often.

Determining the point where drug use becomes drug abuse can be a incredibly tricky task. However, spotting the signs of drug abuse early is the best thing you can do as it makes the recover process far easier. Once it has been recognized that a drug is being abused their are many options available. Local support groups and rehabilitation centers are two great examples but the right choice always depends on the needs of the individual involved.

This is a guest post provided by Stanley Martinson.  Stanley is interested in all things related to health, but is particularly concerned with issues of drug abuse and dependency.  For more information, read here.

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