Why Going Abroad For Breast Surgery Can Cost You More Than You May Think!

Breast enlargement is a controversial issue which often divides opinion. With a growing number of clinics offering breast augmentation abroad, ladies are choosing cheap surgery holidays to fix their body hang-ups, but is this the best and safest option?

Breast augmentation abroad

Anthony Armstrong, a consultant plastic surgeon and chairman of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS), said: “People go abroad thinking they are getting a better deal but when things go wrong the NHS is expected to pick up the pieces. The NHS is currently underwriting cut price cosmetic surgery overseas because there is no clear policy in place on when the NHS should and shouldn’t treat patients who have elected to have cosmetic surgery abroad.”

With cosmetic tourism at an all-time high, and breast augmentation being one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery, the NHS has found it is now dealing with a record number of cases. The popularity of cosmetic surgery abroad isn’t surprising when you see the hundreds of websites boasting the advantages of having the procedure carried out this way, for example: it can cost up to £1,000 less and your recovery can be spent in a foreign country in a fantastic hotel! But with thousands of reported ‘botched’ cases, is it really worth risking your health?

NHS breast augmentation

The likelihood of the NHS footing the bill for breast enlargement surgery is slim to none. With the trusts already spending more than they’d like on the surgery, out of necessity, to fix problems generated by ‘botched’ surgeries abroad.

However, there are a handful of cases where the NHS will meet the cost. NHS breast augmentation is a rarity and as this article shows, unfortunately, some people do take advantage of the situations in which the NHS will do it.

Breast enlargement clinics

With cosmetic surgery becoming a growing phenomenon, clinics are required to cater for the demand across the country.

If you’re thinking about a procedure then why not see what’s on offer in the UK before going for the budget (abroad) option. Private cosmetic surgery clinics have a wealth of experience and can offer you free help and advice about any surgery. They also have many other advantages over surgery in a foreign country, for example: no language barrier, reduced chance of infection and less distance to travel for a return visit if something goes wrong and you have to go back to hospital.

With breast enlargement being one of the most common surgeries you won’t have to travel far to find an experienced surgeon in the UK and while you might save a pretty penny and get a trip abroad going somewhere like South Africa or Eastern Europe for surgery, the health benefits of doing it at home surely far outweigh the slight increase in price.

If you are considering any kind of surgical procedure, it’s wise to make your GP your first port of call to make sure you’re healthy enough to undergo surgery and to get some unbiased advice.

Ed Baxter

Ed is a marketing manager for Stephen McCulley, a world leading cosmetic surgeon and plastic consultant based in Nottingham. He specialises in breast reconstruction after cancer.

3 thoughts on “Why Going Abroad For Breast Surgery Can Cost You More Than You May Think!

  • April 26, 2013 at 6:07 am

    The trouble is you have websites with reviews that are fake, and left by the business themselves, it is very misleading. Treatment Abroad website does not allow negative reviews on businesses that it appears to be protecting, and who they are being paid by to promote. I tried to leave a negative review for Secret Surgery Ltd, who arrange surgery in Poland, as I was misled about a procedure, and after paying a “non refundable” deposit before a consultation took place, found the procedure to be very different from the way it was sold to me. My review was never published. I was totally disregarded by Secret Surgery Ltd, and it seems many others are in the same boat. My surgery for breast lift has left me in a mess, and another girl has a tummy tuck scar so far up her stomach it shows over the top of her jeans! All the while you can look at Treatment Abroad here http://www.treatmentabroad.com/cosmetic-abroad/poland/secret-surgery/ and see all the 5 star reviews, you immediately think that everything in the garden is rosy – I can assure you it isn’t. 5 girls went for weight loss surgery via Secret Surgery Ltd, and not one of them has any restriction on what they can eat. The surgery was sold to them as a surgery holiday, for which they all paid around £5000 for. Interestingly they have all been offered revision surgery for an extra £2000! How bad is that?!! How can you check out these companies when the review sites are fake?.Where do you go to get an honest opinion? These companies are preying on vulnerable people who already have low self esteem about their bodies, and exploiting them for financial gain. The Treatment Abroad website is a disgrace, and I have written to them to tell them so!

  • October 17, 2012 at 10:56 am

    Going abroad isn’t so much the problem, going to under-qualified clinics is. You can be botched in the U.S. or U.K. too if you go for cost over quality. Please make sure you physician is board certified in their field. Just because they’re a doctor doesn’t mean they are an expert in reconstructive, cosmetic, or plastic surgery.

  • October 17, 2012 at 4:50 am

    I agree that having plastic surgery has its risks but at the same time, its advantages. The primary reason why foreigners want to do it abroad is because it is largely inexpensive compared to the US or UK. I’ve read in forums too that people had bad experience with plastic surgery abroad but I still have faith that that people should look for a board-certified plastic surgeon if they want to do it out of the country.


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