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Why is Exercise Important?

Few people exercise regularly… few just do it for the sake of loosing weight or maintaining the abs… while majority actually never gave a thought towards exercising ever. Probably they are not aware of the importance of exercising for a healthy survival. If you don’t make the best use of your body….you’re gonna lose it- “use it or lose it” explained by this expression. An inactive person risks his life similar to a person who smokes. Muscle flabbiness, joint problems, heart diseases, inefficient performance and much more is what a normal person suffers if exercising is missing out from his life.

Here is a look at few benefits enjoyed by people who exercise.

  1. Reduces the risk of getting serious diseases like lungs problems, cancer, blood pressure, angina attacks, old age joint problems, diabetes. Likewise, regular exercising increases your overall resistance towards the common health issues which includes flu, bacterial infections, etc.
  2. Over-exhaustion, frequent fatigues, tiredness are common problems faced by the non-exercising people. Stamina is what leads to an active person working on an appropriate mode always. Stamina is only developed when you exercise regularly. Cardio/aerobics are energy consuming workouts that elevate your stamina levels.
  3. Strength enduring exercises tone up the body transforming it in the right shape. It tones up the abdominal muscles giving a six-pack, develops muscles around arms and thighs, and changes your body posture that will make you look much better.
  4. Constant exercises keep your weight on the right track always. As it burns calories and avoids fat mass accumulation thus chances of getting obese almost vanishes.
  5. Regular exercising improves quality of your life. Lower stress, lifts mood, manages giving you a good sleep, balanced inner system are few benefits you adhere.

How to get started?

Here is a check list of things you need to make sure before you get started.

  1. If you have no sound knowledge of what the workout game is all about- then certainly stop wasting your efforts/time in following the commonly heard strategies. It’s the right time when you should consult an experienced fitness expert.
  2. Plan out a diet plan that should be done under the supervision of a nutritional expert. Usually a goof fitness expert guides you well on how to manipulate your dietary consumption.
  3. Plan out an exercising schedule, dividing time between the cardiac exercises and strength training workouts. Keep in mind your overall daily schedule and then adjust the exercise schedule accordingly, so that you have no excuse to miss it out.
  4. If you are a beginner, start with light exercises until you develop sufficient stamina. If your body is compatible with exercises already, then plan out a schedule with tougher exercises that include high intensity resistance training.

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A professional workout training expert who also does freelance writing for In health and fitness magazine.

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  1. Jessica

    September 7, 2012 at 5:57 am

    Beneficial Blog! You have accentuated the best points explaining the importance of doing exercise. Regular exercise would take control of over body health and Improves our psychological health as well. As a whole it will enhance the quality of our life. Thanks for the share.

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