Why Steroids Are Bad!

In almost everything there are going to be people who attempt to take shortcuts.  Some people do not want to put in the hard work or dedication it takes to build muscle and instead they opt for a shortcut by taking steroids to pack on muscle fast.  What many do not realize is that there are dangerous side effects to steroid use.

The number one reason why you should never take steroids is that it can kill you.  Steroids are harmful for you heart especially since it increases bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol levels.  Increased bad cholesterol clogs arteries resulting in elevated blood pressure levels which are dangerous since blood flow to and from the heart will be restricted.  Taking steroids will also put a lot of pressure on your liver and kidneys which can result in the failure of both these organs.  These facts alone should take away much of the appeal of taking steroids.


Further devastating effects of steroids have to do with reproductive health for both men and women some of these side effects being irreversible.  In men, steroid use can result in the shrinking of the testicles, lower sperm count and impotence while for women it can result in the deepening of the voice, devolopment of facial hair and enlargement of the clitoris.  Increased muscle gains are just not worth the price to pay for damage steroids will do to your body.

Due to the rapid muscle growth that taking steroids induces one can damage tendons.  Tendons connect muscle to the bone but rapid muscle growth brought on by taking steroids can rupture them.  A weakening of one’s immune system is another grave consequence of steroid use which usually becomes evident when one stops taking it.  Judging by the deleterious side effects it’s a wonder why some knowingly choose to take steroids.

Taking steroids is the fastest way to build muscle but the harm done to your body in the long run is not worth the risk.  Building muscle takes time and there are no shortcuts but once you follow a quality training regime and nutritional programme you will be successful.  Without doubt, building muscle in the right way will mean more to you.

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