Wii Sports, Tai Chi and Dancing: Nursing Homes Aren’t Boring!

Care homes are designed to look after an elderly person in their latter years.

All of their needs are attended to, be it nutritionally, socially or personally, but it doesn’t mean their existence should be boring. In fact, contrary to popular belief, care homes are not a bunch of old people sitting around asleep. Many offer a wide variety of activities and entertainment which keeps the residents’ minds healthy, not just their bodies.

Finnish Nintendo Wii box, the console, Nunchuk...
Finnish Nintendo Wii box, the console, Nunchuk & Remote, Wii Sports & Call of Duty 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Inverness to Southampton, care homes across the country create a community, where many people make good friends and have a laugh. Where residents sometimes sneak into each other’s rooms to chat or add something stronger to their morning coffee. One home recently reported that their most popular form of resident entertainment was Wii Sports and the champion, a 103-year old woman.

English: Care Home-Fareham One of several larg...
English: Care Home-Fareham One of several large care homes in Kiln Rd. Fareham. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The advantage of residential care homes over independent living is that residents are very rarely lonely. Even if their own friends and family can’t make a visit, another resident, a nurse or a carer is always on hand for a chat.

Many homes employ an activities co-ordinator who will arrange for all manner of entertainment to take place at the home or for carefully planned excursions to gardens, shopping centres and to see shows. If you thought it was all bingo, then think again.

These days, if it’s not Wii Sports, it might be a Tai Chi class or a ballroom dance lesson that gets the residents up on their feet. Perhaps a quiz or a sing-a-long will help them recall events from the past. Even animal therapy is used to help perk up some people.

It’s not just being entertained that keeps the residents happy, it’s being treated like a human being, with respect. Most carers will refer to residents as mister or misses, unless requested otherwise. They will ask them what they would like to wear, so they have some choices in their daily routine.

English: One of The Sue Ryder Care Homes. Situ...
English: One of The Sue Ryder Care Homes. Situated in the Chantry Park Ipswich. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Often, a hairdresser or beautician will visit, pampering the residents and making them feel special.

While moving your loved one into a care home is a huge decision and a painfully emotional ordeal, it’s worth knowing that it’s really not as bad as you think.

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