What Women Look For In A Man?

No two women are alike; it’s a fact of life.  They differ in everything from panty styles to child raising.  Even individual preference in men differ but when it all boils down, there is a list of thing that nearly all women can agree on. This article will unveil the answers and bring you one step closet to unraveling the mystery known as, women.

As shallow as it seems, appearance is how a woman gives preliminary judgement to a man.  There are some are things that you can control, but others are influenced by outside factors.

Others Find You Sexy

Nothing motivates a woman more than the thought of healthy competition.  Women look highly on being sought after.

Walk the Walk

Women like a man who is real. You should “walk the walk” of your career path.  Women often observe their “prey” so you should hold yourself with true representation.


Women in the Eastern world think of scars as a way to display your courage, bravery, and honor.  A recent study showed that Western women are beginning to find scars attractive as well.


This should be a no-brainer.  Women strive to keep themselves groomed and fresh and they expect the same out of their mates.  Plus, it is common courtesy.


This isn’t saying that you should go and spend $10,000 on dental work to have star quality pearly whites.  However, having a nice smile goes a long way.  A smile can say a lot of things to someone, so take the time to make yours presentable.

But beauty is only skin deep.  What personality attributes and mannerism draw women in?


Honesty & Loyalty

Often times, a woman knows the truth already; they ask so they can hear it from your mouth.  It’s a reassurance of trust and loyalty.  If you lie to them, they’ll begin to doubt your devotion.


Chivalry and Manners

As the saying goes, chivalry is dead, but most women don’t like to think so.  You don’t have to ruin your coat by covering a puddle, but there are some things you can do:

  • Hold doors open/open car doors
  • -n public, stand when she leaves the table
  • Walk on the outside of the street

And having manners and respect show that you’re not a complete caveman.

Respect Her Space

When she says “Leave me alone,” heed her warnings.  Respect her wishes and give her space, especially after an argument.  Women like to have time to cool down and analyze before talking a problem out.



Make her laugh!  Having a sense of humor is one of the biggest turn-ons because really, who doesn’t love to laugh?


A woman likes to feel safe and secure and she looks to her significant other to make her feel that way.  Depending on the woman, it may be physical, emotional/mental, financial, or a combination.


A college degree in nuclear physics is not required to date, but it’s nice to be more intelligent than a table lamp.  Women like to talk, so being able to carry on a decent conversation or debate is a big plus.

Now, only the perfect man made by artificial intelligence would possess all of these qualities.  Don’t fret if you don’t score a solid 10; this is merely a guideline to help understand what women want.

This article was contributed by Dr. Robert Savage and Elliott Dental.

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  • September 20, 2011 at 11:39 am

    On the protection I would have put The ROCK! I have a feeling he can handle the the emotional and financial too =)

  • September 20, 2011 at 6:07 am

    Yep, absolutely yep.


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