The World’s Most Exclusive Gyms

Over recent years there has been a growing trend and demand for gymnasiums and other fitness facilities. So where are the most exclusive gyms in the world? What do they offer and how much money are they likely to cost?

Many of us now frequent gyms and fitness facilities on a regular basis, with a recent focus on obesity and fitness levels reaching an all time high. Gyms offer a range of services from standard fitness equipment to specially designed classes and personal trainers. All of these are designed to help target clients’ health needs effectively. Here we look at three of the most exclusive gyms across the world:

Gold’s Gym:  Venice, California, USA

Gold’s Gym in California is known as one of the muscle centres of the world, with bodybuilding and fitness development featuring highly in its range of services. With a range of group classes and individual sessions, the gym offers diversity and variety in every aspect. Group classes include yoga and spin classes as well as those relating to muscular development, such as athletic stretch classes.

The services offered by this world-class gym include cardio equipment, free weights, resistance machines, a spinning room and personal training. The gyms have over 45 years worth of experience in fitness and training, making them experts in the healthcare field.

Gold’s Gyms are part of a franchise and prices therefore vary between locations. Average prices are generally made up of a $30 (about £18) monthly subscription, following a single set-up fee.

The Third Space:  Soho, London, UK

The Third Space in Soho is a great facility which offers everything from medicine to Pilates and fitness classes. The gym prides itself on offering a diverse range of activities, making it the ideal place to work on your health and fitness.

A range of medical treatments are available within The Third Space. These include acupuncture, massaging, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, urology and many more.

The cost for individual membership for The Third Space gym totals £1,290 per year, equating to £129 per month following a one-off ‘joining fee’.

Tiger Muay Thai:  Chalong, Phuket, Thailand

This brilliant facility is one of Thailand’s best gyms, specialising in Muay Thai, Thai boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts) training. The gym’s location within the Chalong area of the island of Phuket makes it a tranquil and serene spot, overlooked by the Great Buddha Monument of Mount Karon.

The great location is not the only benefit of this fantastic gym, with numerous training programmes such as yoga available alongside the provision of a fully functional weightlifting area. Trainers for nutrition and fitness are also available to offer professional support and guidance.

Prices for this particular gym vary depending on how long you are planning to stay for. The price for a session lasting for half a day is 300 Baht (approximately £6) whilst the most expensive package available costs 52,000 Baht (approximately £1063). This would cover you for a six month period.

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2 thoughts on “The World’s Most Exclusive Gyms

  • September 2, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    the Californian gym only works out to £18 a month?? Is that normal for an exclusive gym over there? The £129 sounds about normal for a posh gym here in the UK, are we being charged too much or is the Golds Gym fee just a printing error?

  • September 1, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    I would like to go to Gold’s Gym in California. I heard it many times that this is the most coolest and great gym in the world.


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