World AIDS Day 2011

Every December 1st since 1988 organizations and people all over the world have recognized the day as World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day started as a way to raise awareness and educated people about the dangerous disease that, at the time, many people didn’t know about. Today many people know about HIV and AIDS but to few really know how bad it is in some parts of the world.

There are almost 34 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the world, most of whom are children and young adults. In fact according to one World AIDS Day organization. Most people in the world become infected before they are 25 and die before they are 35. This is not acceptable in a world with medication that could have them living much longer and better lives.

This years World AIDS Day’s theme is “Getting to Zero”. There have been huge advances in HIV and AIDS research and breakthroughs medicine in recent years. And while there is no cure, or even a vaccine for that matter, there are much better treatments that can keep people alive for much longer and some studies suggest certain medications may help infected people not pass on the disease even through risky behavior.

The issue in the world right now though is funding. Almost 80% of people who are infected with HIV/AIDS don’t get the treatment they need simply because the country they live in doesn’t have the money to pay for it. That’s one of the things that World AIDS Day is all about. Raising awareness and raising funds to help these people from Africa to China that just need simple medication. See all countries

This year 191 countries are participating in World AIDS Day and with the help of all of them and people like you and I we can bring the numbers down to Zero. It’s just going to take better education and more funding.

[box type=”important”]See what’s going on in your neighborhood this week and get involved. There is something going on everywhere. Together we can beat this horrible disease.[/box]

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