How Yoga Can Help Your Blogging and Weight Loss

From this title you probably wonder if Yoga really helps you to improve your blogging performance. Yoga isn’t a fad. It’s been around for thousands of years and is far more than just a physical practice: yoga offers ways to mentally, physically and spiritually find peace and stillness in our crazy everyday lives as well as ways to balance and keep these aspects of our lives healthy.

One element of living a healthy, balanced life is the yogic tips for longevity. The six practices of yoga can help you live a healthier, longer life, lose weight, balance your work with personal relationships, and even leave you more energized and prepared to tackle a demanding blogging career.

3 Serious Reasons Why Bloggers Need To Balance Their Lifestyle

1.  Blogging involves no exercise

Until very recently in human history, most work involved physical labor. Now, however, most people sit down for a majority of their day and include little to no exercise in their routines.

This is where the yoga asanas (postures) come in—the physical practice of yoga starts with movement. There are many different styles of yoga now, but most of them involve a low-impact form of exercise that welcomes new yogis who aren’t used to movement. Even if you run in the outdoors or use indoors exercise equipment like static bikes, or the TRX suspension trainer, you’re probably only using one of the three planes of movement. A yoga practice can help balance your body.

2. Bloggers experience sleep deprivation

Too many bloggers stay up till the small hours of the morning to finish a post. Then going to sleep after a stressful day is not easy. This is where yoga during the day can help. By sleeping when your body asks to rest, you can reduce stress on your body and feel more energized during your waking hours.

3. Bloggers spend a long period of time without eating

Again this is a phenomenon many professional bloggers experience, which does not help improve productivity and it does not promote health. When your body tells you to eat, you should eat.

Most of us usually do eat when we’re hungry, but we also may eat when we’re bored, or stressed, or because other people are eating. Eating when you’re actually hungry may mean eating smaller meals throughout the day, or maintain the usual three meals a day, but cutting out boredom snacking in between. It may also mean cutting back on meal proportions.

A portion-controlled diet is recommended by most successful weight loss companies, like Diet to Go and BistroMD.  If you eat slowly, your body will be able to tell you when you are full. If you eat very quickly, you might not realize that you have eaten too much until your body has had time to start digesting your food.


3 Tips for Bloggers to Cleanse and Re-Energize Their Body and Mind

1.  Fast from certain foods

Our bodies do a lot for us every day. Think about all the energy it takes to digest and sort all of the food we consume each day. Just like any other job, it’s helpful and cleansing to give workers a day of rest from time to time.

By occasionally fasting for a few days from certain foods and drinks, such as red meat or caffeine, you allow your body to take some time off and detox. Fasting like that has no long-term negative impact on your blogging performance. On the contrary, it promotes health and wellbeing.

2.  Wash your body

Before you go to sleep, wash your hands, arms, eyes, mouth and legs with cool water. By cleaning the primary motor and sensory parts of the body, you can calm your body and prepare it for a good night’s sleep.

3. Meditation

A regular meditation practice can help you detach from your stresses and anxieties of your blogging day and calm your mind and body. Many physical ailments are brought on by our body’s connection to the mind—by relieving the mind of stresses, we can also relieve the body of some ailments.


Author Bio- Latasri is a health and wellness enthusiast who likes to share her views on diets like DiettoGo and BistroMD. Besides making available Bistro MD coupons and DiettoGo special offer code , she also blogs about fitness, diet and weight loss.



Latasri is a fitness and diet enthusiast who often blogs about exercise, fitness, eating right, diet and weight loss. In her website she makes available fitness diet coupons that can help in maintaining a slim and trim figure.

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