Yoga Poses that Boost Fertility

yoga pose fertilityYoga is one of the best ways to strengthen the body and release tension from the mind. Through yoga, it is possible to positively impact nearly any part of the body. When your mind and body are healthy, it positively impacts your odds of getting pregnant, so any good is good for women trying to conceive. But there are also yoga poses that specifically target your fertility.

Here are a few yoga poses that encourage hormone production, increase blood flow to the right organs, and make the mind more receptive. In combination with a healthy and balanced diet, and making sure you do the days during your most fertility days (try an ovulation calendar (Trying to Conceive), together with ovulation predictor kits), these yoga poses will put you on the right road to conceiving a baby.

  • The lotus pose is a famous yoga position, that I am sure everyone has seen. It is simple to do, and is a wonderful meditating position. The lotus position forces the mind release its control over the body and can be liberating, especially when maintained for some time. This yoga position does not just exercise the mind, but the body too – the abdomen, groin and spine, are positively influenced by this position.
  • The child’s pose is another position that aims to relax body as well as mind, and is aptly named after the fetal position. The child’s pose is reached by lowering your body onto your knees and folding your head forward to the ground between them. The arms stay besides the body, with the feet next to them.
  • Another good yoga pose to open the body and improve blood circulation is the so-called reclining hero. Position yourself flat on your back, and then bend your legs up to your abdomen.  Your feet should be alongside your thigh bones, and your hands close to your feet. Once you try out this position, you will realize why it is named the way it is.
  • The seated forward bend is another must-try yoga pose. Would you like to have a go? Simply start by sitting with your legs stretched out, and then bend your head onto your knees. Move your arms out, and rest them on the outside of your legs. Meditating is easy in the seated forward bend, and you should feel free to remain in this position for as long as you like.
  • For women who are courageous and want to try something slightly more challenging, there is the supported headstand. After being in the child’s pose, swing your hands to the side of your head. Place your head between your fingers, slowly lifting your body up into the air. Position both legs together, and move them upwards.

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