You Are What You Eat: Fact or Fiction?

Everyone has heard the phrase; you are what you eat, but many do not believe it. Some think that we can eat whatever we want, as long as we exercise. Others quite literally believe that we are what we eat though. There is good evidence to support this theory though, and here are five reasons why.



The cause of most diseases is a poor diet. This is a fact that almost nobody can deny. Heart disease, strokes, and most cancers are a result of a poor, western diet. With heart disease being the number one killer, many people make the argument that food is the leading cause. A diet high in cholesterol and animal fats increases a person’s chance of heart disease. In reality, anyone who has a poor diet is much more likely to develop a disease than a healthy eater.


Diabetes is another health epidemic, especially in wealthier countries. Anyone with diabetes can face a myriad of health problems in the future. Diabetes can lead to a heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease. Diabetes is not a new disease, though it is much more prevalent now than in the past. As our diets have moved to a lot of breads and sweets, diabetes has skyrocketed. Diabetes can be caused by a few factors, with a poor diet being one of the biggest factors in causing diabetes.


A lot of people feel as though lack energy. Many people drink coffee or energy drinks to get gain an energy boost. Unfortunately, a lot of people are out of touch with reality. A poor diet can lead to low energy levels, which can cause a lot of other health problems. To have energy throughout the day, one should eat 5-6 meals a day while also eating the right food. A diet needs to be full of fruits and vegetables and low in fat and sugar. A healthy diet will leave a person with a lot of energy while a poor diet will leave a person feeling lethargic.


A lot of people do not think of food and mood as going together. However, anyone who wakes up and eats a healthy breakfast will feel energetic and likely more happy throughout the day. Whereas a person that eats an unhealthy breakfast, will feel physically sick, and this will often translate to not feeling emotionally sound.


People who eat healthier look healthier. This is because in the process of eating, you extract valuable minerals and vitamins. With a poor diet, a person will not get the vitamins and minerals they need. This is sometimes obvious in your skin, hair and nails. A well-hydrated person with a rich diet will likely have healthier versions of all of these.In reality, we are what we eat, in every way. Young people often feel they can get away with a poor diet and lifestyle, but it is likely to become a problem later in life. Keep this in mind as you design a diet. Remember – you can eat plants or things made in a plant. What do you think?

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  • January 15, 2013 at 10:01 am

    Writing problems, advice from a veteran journalist:
    1. “more happy” should be happier
    2. “A person that eats” should be “A person who eats…”
    3. “a myriad” should be “myriad”. Myriad is not a noun, but an adjective


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