You Tube Cinnamon Challenge- No Joke

At the moment teenagers are finding the cinnamon challenge on YouTube a great adventure to embark on. The thing is though doctors are warning people not to take part in it, because the prank that teens find funny has actually led to many being hospitalized. Also a lot of calls have been traced to US poison control centers all because of people taking a spoon of cinnamon without water. It basically dares you to take a spoon of powdered cinnamon and not have any water in 60 seconds.

The spice unknown to many is actually caustic and when you try to swallow it without water you can choke, get a swollen throat, have issues breathing and even get a collapsed lung.


One teen had a collapsed lung after taking the challenge and she has now made her very own site to stop other teens from taking the dare. A report that was published on Monday revealed that about thirty teenagers had been hospitalized from cinnamon and poison calls that had been received at centers were 22.

Teens that have asthma and other problems breathing get problem’s with breathing even more so than others. The You Tube challenge shows kids with orange dust coming out of their mouths and the friends crack in laughter as they stand by and watch the so-called stunt.

Cinnamon is derived from the bark of a tree and it had cellulose finer inside it that is not easily broken down. Research that has been performed on animals proves that if cinnamon gets inside the lungs of a human it actually causes scarring of the lungs.

Parents around the country have been warned to be on alert for teens that may want to try to take the challenge. A 16-year-old girl took the so-called challenge four times and as she coughed she unfortunately inhaled the cinnamon into her lungs. The 16-year-old Dejah Reed was found by her father to be a pale blue color and he had to put her over his shoulder and drive her to the emergency room. He said it was very scary to see his daughter like that. The teen was in hospital for four days with a collapsed lung and she now has asthma as a result of the silly stunt. She has to carry an inhaler around with her now for running and talking too fast. Prior to this her health had been fine. She found out about the so-called challenge on Facebook and You Tube.

[box type=”important”]Raising teens is always a scary experience and if you have teenagers it may be a good idea to sit down and explain the dangers involved in this challenge to try to eliminate further casualties. Health in the US is always something that needs to be kept on top of and with teenage fads circling around all the time then it is time to keep one step ahead of them and try to inform your teen about dangers that surround them. [/box]

Claire Al-Aufi

Claire Al-Aufi is a contributing author for Hive Health Media who provides updates on health and fitness news.

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