Your Ticket Out Of Fatsville

In the face of ever increasing rates of obesity, researchers are beginning to study how the local environment impacts weight. What they’ve found so far opens up a whole new perspective on how each person’s geographic location may be preventing them from losing weight. The name for this idea is: Obesogenics.

What Is Obesogenics?

Obesogenics is a relatively new term that gained prominence when the United States Centers for Disease Control used it to describe the American landscape in its latest report on overweight and obesity. Obesogenics refers to environmental factors that support weight gain and prevent weight loss. Take a look around your physical environment and you may just start seeing Obesogenics at work.

Modern American conveniences often obsolete the necessity of physical labor. Think about how we use elevators and escalators instead of stairs, the heavy reliance Americans place on cars rather than walking, the rise of the desk job that plants workers into a primarily sedentary pattern throughout their working day. Easy access to cheap, plentiful calories keeps people overfed. The suburban lifestyle encourages driving over walking. The multitude of entertainment: television, video games, the Internet and social networking keep kids and adults indoors staring at a screen rather than playing or moving outside.

[box type=”note”]All of these trends add up to overweight, obesity and lifestyle disease.[/box]

Health Risks of Obesogenics?

Awareness of your environment can help you overcome its obesogenics tendencies. Look around you and see how your environment encourages you to act. Do you feel safe going outside and walking around where you live? Are there sidewalks and bike lanes for you to use? Are grocery stores, pharmacies and other important buildings within walking or biking distance? Can you take the stairs up to your office every morning?

You may even notice that you have unconsciously added obesogenic components to your home or work environment. Things like keeping a television in your bedroom, stocking your fridge with ice cream and other high-calorie goodies and setting up your work routine so you rarely have to get up all adds up to less calories burned, more calories consumed and bulging belly fat.

Take some time to really consider your environment and how it influences your choices each and every day. Find areas where you can make a difference. Take the stairs if you can find them. Walk to the grocery store if possible. Start embedding more physical components within your life. This may mean capping television and Internet time or even buying a gym membership to a nearby facility so you can walk there.

Obesogenics and Your Health?

No matter where you are located or how seemingly hostile your environment is toward fitness, health and weight loss, remember that you are always in control. The decisions you make every day will determine whether you gain or lose weight. If your environment is too stifling, you might even consider moving to an area that better supports a healthy lifestyle.

Jessica Bennett

Jessica Bennett is a freelance writer with over six years of experience creating website copy, press releases, blog posts, articles, newsletters, short stories and more. She has a professional background in marketing and public relations and a strong interest in the fields of health and wellness. Jessica is also the head writer for Enjoy Dark Chocolate, an informative website about dark chocolate.

One thought on “Your Ticket Out Of Fatsville

  • January 15, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    I believe it is extremely important to control your environment, especially when it comes to losing weight, or just working to improve your lifestyle.

    Compulsive eating, of the wrong foods, assist people in thinking they are going to fail and lead people often time to quit before achieving their goals.

    Surround yourself with good food, and good people!

    Choose to be Healthy!


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